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Welcome from Fr Jonathan

A message of welcome to ‘Catholic Life’ from our parish priest, Father Jonathan:

“Hi there! Sometimes people wonder what’s actually different, or distinctive, about a Catholic school. Well, I’d like to suggest several things.

First, we’re inspired by a vision which embraces the formation (not only education) of the whole person. So we’re not simply preparing our children to be good citizens in the world, but we’re also helping each other understand that there’s a spiritual dimension – seeking to be citizens in the world to come.

Secondly, our view of developing this whole person is based on Christ—completely divine yet also completely human. We call this a ‘Christian anthropology’. At Holy Cross this is shown in one of our mottos, informing our attitudes and behaviour, when we ask, ‘What would Jesus do?’

Thirdly, a Catholic school is animated by Communion and Community. So, we don’t encourage an individualistic view of society, because we’re founded on God-in- Three-Persons – made in His image - just as our children learn the “Glory be” (to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit). This is the wellspring for all our teamwork, human interactions, stewardship, and the way in which we enjoy, and have respect for, our environment.

Fourthly, and finally for the moment, there’s the importance of having a Catholic world view, which permeates all that we are and all that we do – all the curriculum (not only Religious Education). The whole world is God’s, and He loves the world; there isn’t some little ‘Catholic bit’. It’s difficult on a website to avoid the label ‘Catholic life’ looking like one little department! In fact, Catholic life means the whole of life: the whole person, including the spiritual, encouraging a love of wisdom, a passion for truth, so that life may be lived to the full.”