Welcome to Holy Cross Catholic Primary School!

School Uniform

We wear our uniform with pride

Uniform is an important part of a school’s identity. It reinforces who we are as a community and helps enable students to feel pride in their school. It ensures students are not put under any pressure because of the type of clothes they wear and promotes equality. We wear our uniform with pride and thank you for ensuring your children are properly equipped for the school day.

Uniform List

  • White polo shirt with embroidered logo or white shirt/blouse with tie
  • Grey trousers / shorts / pinafore / skirt / culottes or HC kilt  or purple gingham dress
  • HC purple sweatshirt, crew neck or HC purple cardigan
  • Grey tights or Grey / white Socks
  • Sensible black school shoes or Flat sturdy, black, close fitting (zips or laces), short ankle boots

‘Ugg’ style boots, sloppy, loose fitting pull-on boots, boots higher than the ankle, boots with fur trims, and boots with heels are all unsuitable for safe school wear and are not allowed. If you are unsure if a boot is suitable, please ask for advice before purchasing.

PE Kit

Key Stage 1

  • Black shorts or black leggings (no logos) or black jogging bottoms (no logos)
  • White T-shirt with HC printed logo
  • Trainers or Plimsolls

Key Stage 2

  • Black shorts or black skorts or black leggings (no logos) or black jogging bottoms (no logos)
  • White T-shirt with HC printed logo or purple technical polo shirt with white printed logo
  • Black football socks / sports socks for trainers
  • Trainers

In the case of cold weather, pupils are also permitted to wear a plain coloured round neck sweatshirt (no logos) for PE. This may not be worn in the classroom. Pupils should wear their HC school cardigans and HC school sweatshirts in the classroom, over their PE kit, and swap to their plain sweatshirt for the PE lesson.

HC Purple hoody with embroidered logo and black joggers are available from our suppliers. HOODIES WILL NOT BE PART OF OUR UNIFORM FROM SEPTEMBER 2023.

Expectations are that all pupils should be able to dress themselves (unless valid reason), be able to tie their own shoelaces and tie their own tie.

All clothing should be labelled with the name of the child so that it can be returned if lost. All clothing unnamed will be put into the lost property box and be disposed of at the end of each term.